Kathy Stevens

Traditional Naturopath &

Advanced BioSET™ Practitioner



Instructions for your Enzyme Evaluation


1.     You will need to fast (not eat any food) for 6 hours prior to this appointment.  Water is OK.  PLEASE NOTE:  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO FAST .


2.     Please brush your teeth with water only, no toothpaste.


3.     Please do NOT drink coffee or tea. You may have water.


4.     Please do NOT wear any perfume or fragrance.


I would like to have your completed paperwork at least (2) days prior to your appointment.


Address:      Kathy Stevens

1531 Walnut Dr .

                                                            Nacogdoches , TX 75965


Email: kathy@natureswaytowellness.com


Phone: 936-564-5205


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