A natural approach to health and wellness is just that—natural.  It involves nutrition, movement, and water as well as the mind, body, and spirit. Traveling the holistic, natural path can take a person around some wonderful bends in the road that often result in introduction to new paradigms. Recently, I experienced this while training in TKM® through the King Institute in Carrollton, Texas.

Why a different approach is needed

Because Western medicine is based on biological science, surgical and pharmaceutical solutions are what make up the Western medical approach to disease. Yet, chronic illness such as autoimmune: lupus, Graves, Hashimoto’s, diabetes, and MS, to name a few, cannot be resolved with surgery or pharmaceuticals.  Since U.S. medical costs continue to skyrocket despite “managed care,” doesn’t it seem reasonable to consider what other cultures have done to live healthy and combat preventable diseases?

The bio-electromagnetic system

TKM® focuses on the electrical system or bio-electromagnetic system of the human body. It has recently been discovered that the bio-electromagnetic system is the foundation of other body systems.

How does it work?

TKM® is the use of basic physiological physics to help restore the correct circulation or conductivity of the electrical system in the body. A TKM® "Sequence" refers to a series of positions for the placement of either the recipient's hands on him- or herself, or therapist's hands on the recipient. Because there is no irritation to the body’s systems, unlike certain other Eastern modalities such as acupuncture, the body responds to the treatment.

TKM® - What are the benefits?

TKM® procedures have enabled many people to regain physical functions, repair and improve mental functions, and build stronger emotional health. TKM® has been consistently shown to help a great variety of physical impairments ranging from inconvenient conditions such as insomnia, broken bones, and dizziness, to life-threatening conditions such as leukemia, cancer, and heart attack.

TKM® also helps mental disabilities such as dyslexia, ADD, compulsive disorders, addictions, Down syndrome, autism, and many other challenges. In addition, TKM® can substantially improve or eliminate emotional difficulties such as anger, depression, and fear issues.


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