Regulation Thermography

“We can finally see what the body is doing before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem” – Dr. Schulz-Ruhtenberg Minden, Germany

Disease and illness are evolutionary and progressive. They develop over time. Whole-Body Thermography can identify underlying causes, often long before symptoms develop, so healing can begin.

Would you be willing to have a non-invasive test that is gentle and painless to get you on the road to optimal health?

What is Regulation Thermography?

Whole Body Regulation Thermography is an exact science, originating in Europe that has been developed over several decades.

This technology works by taking precise measurements of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System, taken from 120 points on the surface of the skin, and reflecting the relative health or disease of internal organs, glands and lymph.

The information (patient data set) is then fed into an advanced computer database that interprets the data to instantly deliver an accurate whole body report in plain language and graphic images.

What you will receive from the Thermography session:

  1. 7-page printout
  2. Follow up consultation with Kathy Stevens, Traditional Naturopath, who will
    • Review your report with you
    • Discuss the priorities set forth in the report & help you put together a plan of action to address your health challenges
    • Provide referrals to any adjunct health care specialists that may be needed

Sample of Male Report (click on link)

Sample of Female Report (click on link)

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